Some Of The Best Movie Remakes

Freaky Friday

Planet of the Apes

Franklin J. Schaffner smashed it the first time around with the original Planet of the Apes, but in 2011 came The Rise of the Planet of The Apes franchise. Ditching the fully body prosthetics for CGI maybe took away some of the lovable campiness of the original but made audiences actually believe that James Franco was right there in their living room – amazing!

Casino Royale

It’s hard to compare apples and oranges, or in this case apples and grenades. These two films couldn’t be more different that calling it a remake is a bit of a stretch. They’re both brilliant in their own right but the 2006 version cemented Daniel Craig’s position as one of the best Bonds of all time – for slow motion ocean exits alone. You have not lived until you’ve cried blood in a casino so let this film be a guide on how to live your best life. 

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