The Best Escape Room Themed Movies


Escape room movies have started to become a very popular genre with the horror and thriller enthusiasts. Imagining a situation where they had to think logically and run for their lives sometimes pump a lot of people’s blood and makes them watch a similar activity on the screen.

However, there are numerous places where people have first-hand experiences. For example Escape rooms Manchester and London are the most popular places in the U.K. where they try to recreate the horrifying setting on some of the best Escape room movies.

Speaking of best Escape room themed movies, today we will be talking about two of them trying to tell you their worth and should you invest your time in watching them if you like that kind of entertainment. We decided to review only who movies. One of them is the most popular Escape room themed movie and the other one is the second most popular.

Generally, horror movies are always very alike so expect a lot of similarities with the two and let us get into their details and see what they bring to the table.

Escape Room

As we already mentioned Escape rooms are becoming a very popular genre and game for young people to delve in. Based on that popularity almost exactly a year ago, a thriller was released by the name of Escape Room on October 17th, 2017.

The movie begins like any other horror movie where everything is okay and some friends or couples are having fun in a secluded place or nature. In this case, it is a restaurant. The setting starts when a couple of people are gathering at a restaurant in Los Angeles. The occasion turns out to be the 30th birthday of Tyler, whose girlfriend was behind the whole surprise. They are also joined by Tyler’s sister Tabby and her boyfriend Conrad.

One of the attendees is also Natasha who looks like to be a friend of Tyler’s because nothing else was specified about her. She is actually a snobby girl with a lot of money from her art gallery, who actually is very attracted to Tyler. Anderson is the logical thinker of the bunch and husband to Natasha. Like any other horror movie, a laid back and funny guy is needed to be included and we get that in the form of Hadlee, who doesn’t really care too much about Tyler.

Soon enough it is revealed to us that they were actually going to go to an Escape room to check out the whole ordeal themselves and see if it is truly a fit for them. Unfortunately, however, the one they visit does not turn out the way everybody wanted. They end up in a room where they have to work together to survive, having a very small amount of time of 82 minutes makes it even harder, see the movie to find out how many of them survived!


We think that Saw doesn’t even need too much explanation because of how popular it is with the thriller loving community. Saw itself has pretty much embedded itself in American culture, therefore spreading all over the world and ultimately becoming today’s internet meme.

Many spinoffs and practical jokes have been directed at Saw when Scary Movie, decided to quote them with Doctor Phil and Shaq. As it’s in the parody, Saw features numerous people trapped inside a room with some kind of interference, for example, them being blindfolded or have their legs tied to the wall.

The ways they need to find in order to get out of the room can get grotesque, some of the times the victims had to cut off their limbs to escape, in order to survive, because they were given a timer. If they didn’t manage to escape before the time was up, they would be killed. Ultimately these movies end with at least one person surviving and killing the villains who were displayed as small dolls riding on tricycles.

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