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My Film Club App

Today is World Mental Health Day, MyFilmClub is supporting the Film & Television Charity Party and MediCinema in the coming months.

MyFilmClub is the only app that will help you organise your movie menu. It helps you link up with local, like minded film fans in one of their ‘clubs’ to watch trailers etc. This emphasis on the social and community element of the app that makes it a useful tool to reach out to those who feel isolated due to social anxiety or other mental health disorders. This is such a great aspect of the app because as everyone knows the best part of seeing a film is being able to discuss or rant about it with another human!

You can now receive push notifications on your handset on the day of release so you never miss a theatrical or home entertainment release again. Morning reminders of when you can watch your favourite new releases can also be sent from your calendar; the app will sync notable days of release and mark them as all-day events.

For all you iPhone users, if you opt in to receive a calendar notification, the entry will also include a link to the specific film page within the app. Film pages conveniently include screening schedules and ticket links from the 5 closest cinemas to you, as well as order links to your digital download platform of choice. With this function, MyFilmClub encourages app users to support their local cinemas and enter into the community.

New developments have also been made within the ‘Clubs’ section, where you can discuss films, local events or general topics of interest with people in your area. The new function means you are able to share a film page from the app with fellow members of your club. For example, if someone in a club wants to see Johnny English, they simply click the film reel icon, search the film and click share. Other members can then click on the shared image, which will take them directly to the film’s page where they can purchase their own ticket/DVD.

Creator Wez Merchant says “Now, users will receive a notification on the day of release, which will hopefully mean that forgetting to book tickets to see a film you’re excited about will be a thing of the past. Plus, if you are like me and don’t decide what they want to do until the day due to busy schedules and life getting in the way, this new addition provides a timely reminder; an essential for those who suffer from FOMO.”

We here at BRWC love the My Film Club app – it is so user friendly – check it out here.

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