GUEST BRWC FiLMiX: Dokutā Slump | True Romance

GUEST BRWC FiLMiX: Dokutā Slump | True Romance

Here’s another special guest FiLMiX for you, this time we have Dokutā Slump, otherwise known as Thibaut Vallet, from Clermont Ferrand, France.  He’s the greatest inventor of the Penguin village…

The tracklist –

Yung Bae – Fly With Me

Kodak Cameo – Mirage

Saint Pepsi – Skin Deep

Vanilla – Home

Maitro – Kid Goku

The Phantom’s Revenge – Killing Power

.casting – FAR2DEEP

Flamingosis – I’ll Be There (Feat. Tendencies)

Vanguard – Echohunter

Dokutā Slump – Reality Machine

The film – True Romance, 1993

We had a quick chat with him too –

When did you start producing and what or who were your early passions and influences?

So I started producing in 2012 and I was doing weird electronic music. I’m a Huge fan of Daft Punk especially the album “Discovery”, Justice and the other producer of Ed Rec. One day a friend made me listen to the song by Darius “Maliblue”. With this song I discover SoundCloud and the “Shiny Disco Club” so host a lot of artists I love today. Vanguard created my SoundCloud culture, I was so fan of him and I followed all his comments and likes on SC. Thanks to Vanguard I discover Vaporwave and the Label “Fortune 500”. I actually fell in love with the concept of Vaporwave and much of the “Fortune 500” album made me feel things like never before. And then came Saint Pepsi in my life. He is my biggest influence. It was the golden age of SoundCloud (2014) with artists like Yung Bae and Macross, (Keats Collective RIP)…

In 2015 I discover a channel “elfamosodemon” with the video “Maitro – Kid Goku”. In one hand I discover Maitro, which is one of my biggest influence and in the other hand one of my other influence ElfamosoDemon. Each of his uploads is a pure gold track. He enabled me to discover new awesome artists and many Hip-Hop producers. During 2013-2014 I was making some electronic music but I lost all, because of my USB device. I started to producing again in 2016 when I found a sample of Mtume “You, Me and He” and then the adventure really began.

What makes music and film interesting for you?

In my life, I want to have my own soundtrack, like in a film. I hate it when there is no music around me, life is better with a soundtrack. I’m a film-lover, I used to watch a lot of film and I love trivia. Film enables me to live out things I would never do or see in real life. I’m very interested in the conception of film. Making videos is important for me and I usually have ideas. My dream job is to be a music composer or at least choose the right music for a film.

What do you usually start with when preparing for a new track?

I don’t say to myself “Today will be a productive day!”, even if I have the best sample I must have inspiration and it’s hard sometimes… Usually I have great inspiration when I have a exam the next day. I also put visuals from ElFamosoDemon’s Channel in a second screen, It helps me a lot!

Great FiLMiX by the way. Why did you choose True Romance as your film? Are you a fan?

True Romance is one of my favorite films. I love film with an anti-hero, great realisation and actor performances. With a screenplay by Tarantino and all these great actors, this film is a masterpiece. I recognize myself in the main character “Clarence” especially at the start of the film when he talks to the girl about his passion for kung fu movies and Elvis.

What films are you into? What are your favourites?

My favourite director is Hayao Miyazaki, It’s strange to feel so much emotion for anime but each time I see “Spirited Away” or “Mononoke” I cry. I also love “Blade Runner” and Cyberpunk films in general (I am waiting for Alita Battle Angel so much, the manga is a favourite). I also adore “Kill Bill”. I don’t really like French cinema because the system of production is bad but there are classic comedies you have to watch: The 2 “OSS 117” movies and “RRRrrr!!!” the 3 funniest french films for me (with “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cléopatre”). Currently I love film that’s so bad it’s good.

Do films influence your producing at all?

It can be, for helping me to create an ambience but it is especially when I have to help in a 48h Film Festival. Usually my director tell me to produce a song like such-and-such film.

Anything coming up in the future?

There are a lot of collabs comming! I want to focus on a live preformance but it’s more difficult than I could expect…

Next album will take more time to produce, I really want to do something big!

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