Seawolf, a queer short film about wild youth, rave culture, sexual discovery and chewing gum, is seeking to attract additional fundings. 
Seawolf is taking a leap forward by officially launching it’s Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign on the 20th of July 2018.
Best described as a coming of age drama set in the Midlands in the early 90s, Seawolf connects the rave subculture and the queer genre together and provides a sincere insight into teenage uncertainty diving into male friendship and brotherhood in an exciting way that the audience has never experienced before. The theme core of Seawolf lies within the transition from puberty to adulthood seen through a nostalgic prism, which they consider a perfect encapsulation of the British rave era.
After a year of intense pre-production, the film has been awarded a production grant from the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) to cover much of the film costs. To raise the remaining funds that will allow the filmmakers to complete the film successfully and reach wider audiences, they have launched the Seawolf Kickstarter campaign. The multicultural mission to bring the early 90s rave vibe and cultural aspects of that period to life through a story that encourages diversity is at the forefront of the film’s objective and they are proud to keep contributing to the queer and rave community.
They look forward to promoting the Kickstarter campaign and honouring the great relationship with all the fans and backers. With only 16 days until the end of the campaign, Seawolf’s dedicated team is committed to producing a high quality independent production. The Kickstarter campaign reached more than 11% of the funding goal in the first 24 hours.


They have an incredibly talented crew attached to the project and more people are constantly getting on board, with the most recent highlight in this adventure being Minimum Syndicat, pioneers of the rave techno scene, whose tracks will form the official soundtrack of Seawolf.
Seawolf will be filming in Autumn of this year in the UK.
For donations and additional information, please visit the Kickstarter Campaign:

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