#BRWC10: 2017 In Film

The Florida Project

As BRWC reaches TEN YEARS of age, we’re looking back celebrating the best…and possibly worst… of the last ten years.

2017 in film is a year that might not be remembered for the many great films that it brought us. 2017 is the year of LadybirdMoonlight, The Florida Project, Get Out, The Shape of Water and my personal favourite, Baby DriverYet, it will likely only be remembered for the despicable Harvey Weinstein and the controversy around Oscar Winner Casey Affleck. But 2017 also has a lot of great films, great stories and killer records.

The Last Jedi killed it (though for me, it was still one of the worst Star Wars films I’ve seen – controversial, I know) by bringing in $1,3 Million at the box office, and Fate of the Furious further proved, by coming third with $1.2M, that great films (P.S. I Loved it) aren’t defined what the critics say.

Moonlight won Best Picture and proved that alternative viewpoints are coming into the mainstream. That gaffe at the Oscars also provided a huge amount of joy for those who love a good TV gaffe.

There was also a much lesser publicised success story of Wolf Warrior 2 which was the first EVER Chinese film to feature in the World 100 Box office, and being the fastest ever film in China to gross $500M. Before 2017, I’d never have thought that a sequal about China’s deadliest Special Forces Operative enjoying retirement before he once again has to save China would be the film to do that, but once again fun defeats content as a turn your brain off action film kills it at the box office.

Wolf Warrior 2

Wolf Warrior 2

2017 also introduced me to my beloved Coco. For me, one of the best Diney Pixar productions and once of my favourite films of this year. Animations like this don’t usually get the praise they deserve, bu Coco almost made it. Of course, the fun filled Despicable Me far outperformed it in terms of money, Coco was definitely my choice for animation of 2017.



2017 was a mixed bag. It was a huge year outside of the films themselves and a massive year in the cinema too. Although huge negativity (although rightly so) overshadowed a great set of films. Let’s not forget that film, whether you love the mindlessness of Fate of The Furious or the alternative picture of Moonlight, there was lots to enjoy in 2017, and not just all the great BRWC reviews.

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