Candy & Ronnie: Review

Candy & Ronnie

This is a story of excesses, of wanting more, of pushing the boundaries. And it all comes with a high cost.

Billy (Tyler Tackett) and Alice (Mair Mulroney) are a young couple in love who seem to have it all. And sometimes having it all is simply not enough. So they seek more and find refuge in a drug-fuelled weekend in, joined by a pizza guy (Paul Stanczak) who delivers much more than food.

This award winning short film is beautifully shot, and at times their excessive ‘fun’ becomes unbearable as it vividly depicts the high and lows of drug taking. And we know right from the beginning that things will not end up well, as Billy wakes up on his couch desperate to piece things together, while Alice is nowhere to be seen.

Flashbacks thread this short film with vivid imaginary and impressive acting. I found it hard to simply follow and enjoy it but knowing that there was a silver lining in there somewhere, turned it into addictive watching. Because, after all, this is a cautionary tale, and with cautionary tales, you want to go back, and watch it again.

Candy & Ronnie

Billy Isaaks (Tyler Tackett) sits paralyzed in his darkened living room piecing together fragmented flashbacks of his tumultuous relationship with live-in girlfriend Alice Murphy (Mair Mulroney). He fondly remembers the early days of puppy love but his memory soon unleashes the not so distant past when an innocent evening of recreational drug use 360’s into a weekend drug binge with the pizza guy (Paul Stanczak). Is Billy repressing thoughts of a threesome, the drugs he knows they took or both? His nightmare unravels before our eyes.

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