Elle: Review

Elle: Review

A beautifully shot and directed short drama, it narrates the story of a girl, her dream of becoming a professional dancer and the challenges that may stand in her way.

Elle (Isabelle Allen) appears to be an average young woman with her head in the clouds and one thing on her mind: dancing. Supported by an understanding mother and an encouraging dance teacher, nothing seems to stand in her way as she practices her dance spins.

But Elle is far from being a girl like any other. And not just because of her evident dance talent, but because of a devastating condition.

Written by Peter Vaughan and Florence Winter Hill, this short, low budget film was produced thanks to the backing of an online campaign at the end of last year. They aimed to challenge the representation of women in the media and for female characters not to be just strong but also flawed and human.

“What I want to get across with this film – said director Florence Winter Hill – is that we are never going to discover, encourage and build our next greatest and most influential artists if when a child has a dream, they are made to forget it”.

A very noble goal, beautifully achieved, that encourages dialogue over how we can support our gifted, yet vulnerable young people. Definitely worth a watch!

ELLE is an inspiring and emotive drama about a young girl who struggles to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Her ambition is thwarted by her academic-focussed school, and her only place to dance – the local disused theatre – is soon to be demolished. An unexpected opportunity marks a change in Elle as the memory of her lifelong dream begins to fade, along with her continuously limiting surroundings.

Starring: ISABELLE ALLEN (Les Miserables), BRYONY AFFERSON (Luther), T’SHAN WILLIAMS (Life, The Book Of Mormon)

Directed by: Florence Winter Hill
Produced by: Molly McGregor & Anna Rawe
Written by: Florence Winter Hill & Peter Vaughan
Director of Photography: Ed Stone
Production Design: Catherine Gryffenberg
Art Director: Annie Mitchell
Music by: Giuseppe Alfano
Choreography: Tanya Hill, Rachel Donnellan, Florence Winter Hill

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