BRWC EXCLUSIVE: Sadie Katz Interview

BRWC EXCLUSIVE: Sadie Katz Interview

Sadie Katz has two releases hitting shelves this month, the super-fun horror flick BUS PARTY TO HELL and her documentary, THE BILL MURRAY EXPERIENCE. We speak to the versatile and gifted actress about these two very dissimilar projects.

What a wild April you have coming up – two very different films!


It’s such a crazy thing, right?  I’m like checking my horoscope hoping the stars are aligned for good things on both.

Are you prouder of one over the other?

I lived with “The Bill Murray Experience” as a director, producer and my literally heart was tied up in ways that unless you see the film you won’t totally understand.  Passion projects take a lot from you so, I think I’m naturally prouder of the doc because it’s my baby. However, “Bus Party to Hell” is a damn fun movie and I’m super proud of the insane character (Joan) I got to play. I’m hoping the audience loves her as much as I enjoyed playing her.

Do you feel more pressure, or that more is at stake, with The Bill Murray Experience though – since it’s your film?

Totally.  I’m use to playing crazy, kooky characters but, ultimately I’m just telling the writer’s story and hoping I’m adding some spice at the same time. With the doc it’s difficult because, it’s hard not to feel exposed because, I’m not playing a character – I’m playing me, chasing Bill Murray.  That sentence alone makes me feel pressure!

Without spoiling the ending of the movie, was it a good ‘experience’ doing the movie?

I think anytime you set out to fulfill a dream or a goal no matter how silly- the experience stops being “good” or “bad” and just becomes an experience that was sorta meant to happen.  I don’t want to sound weird or preachy there- I just think it was something I had to do. The experience of sharing it has been amazing and such a big gift.

Sadie Katz in The Bill Murray Experience.

Sadie Katz in The Bill Murray Experience.

Do you know if Bill Murray has seen the movie?

I had a couple DVD’s sent to him…his brother Joel and wife have seen it.  His lawyers, I’m guessing have seen it… I feel like if he hasn’t he will. It’s such a sincere love letter to Bill- truly from my heart.  I know that sounds crazy but, it’s true.

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