10 Must Watch Netflix Shows For College Students


The Crown

10 Must Watch Netflix Shows For College Students

It’s a historical drama show written by Peter Morgan and produced by Sony pictures for Netflix. It follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her reign in the United Kingdom from her marriage to the present day. It’s a true biographical series and covers events that happened in her life, from family disputes and political intrigues that the queen and the royal family face each day of their lives.

Jessica Jones

10 Must Watch Netflix Shows For College Students

The series is based on Marvel’s character Jessica Jones and is written by Melissa Rosenberg for Netflix. It’s set in the fictional Marvel Cinematic Universe where a former superhero, Jones, opens her own detective agency to help and investigate people who have remarkable abilities. Her stint as a superhero was brief, and she sees this as a way of reliving her glory days. In the course of her detective work, she encounters people and events that eventually force her to face her past and accept herself for who she is.

Dear White People

10 Must Watch Netflix Shows For College Students

It derives its basis from the 2014 film which has the same name. It’s a comedy and drama series that follows the lives of a few black students who find themselves enrolled in a predominantly white school. Here, they face challenges as they have to overcome social injustices that come their way through the ignorance of white people or intentional. The show takes a shift as it does not include all the characters in each episode but instead concentrates on one character per episode. It provides much needed comic relief while still addressing pressing social issues that continue to face people.

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