10 Must Watch Netflix Shows For College Students



10 Must Watch Netflix Shows For College Students

This epic series follows the life of the drug kingpin Emilio Pablo Escobar Gaviria. In the 1980s, the United States knew very little about the trafficking of cocaine into the country. The government’s efforts were mostly on marijuana. Escobar begins his rise as a narcotic kingpin by accident but ends up being one of the most feared and wealthiest men in the world. He is so powerful that he holds his home country of Columbia at ransom. The effect of cocaine on the American public becomes too adverse, and they declare Pablo as public enemy number one. However, it proves tough to apprehend the kingpin who is known for his famous quote “silver or lead” where one either accepted his bribe money or takes a bullet. His vast resources and massive corruption in the government and security service plus Escobar’s network of hired assassins make the story of his life an enjoyable series to watch. Viewers are excited for the 4th season which is set to star Michael Pena and Diego Luna.


10 Must Watch Netflix Shows For College Students

It’s the first Portuguese series on Netflix. Its creator is Pedro Aguilero, and its origin is from a pilot shot in 2009. The series takes place in the future where people get divided according to their financial ability. One side is for the rich, affluent and progressive people named the offshore, and the other side is full of poverty and devastation named the Inland. Only 3% of the population however succeeds.

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