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Filmmakers often take liberties with their storytelling and sometimes sacrifice realism.  When it comes to poker movies, realism tends to be sacrificed either purposely or because the filmmaker lacks a true understanding of the game.  Today we take a quick look at the top five films that have the best portrayal of an actual poker game.

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The Cincinnati Kid

By and large, the poker shown in the Cincinnati Kid is highly accurate considering that the game is often portrayed as one where luck of the draw is not as important as being able to outwit your opponent.  However the final hand, which happens to be one of the most unrealistic outcomes in poker film history, does shows just how cruel that luck can be in the game.


For the current generation of poker player, Rounders is the film they point to as the most accurate portrayal of the game.  Rounders had a positive impact on the poker industry as it convinced many of the current generation of poker players that they could make a living at the game.  The premise of the film is that poker is seldom about the luck of the draw but rather about how well you can outsmart your opponent.

Big Hand For A Little Lady

A truth about poker that is often overlooked by watchers of this movie is that the game is full of people that are looking to take any advantage they can against their opponents.  While many view this as another film where poker players outsmart their opponents, it actually shows one of the pitfalls of the game and that is con artists.

Hitting The Nuts

An independent film that was actually made to poker fun at poker at the amateur level does an amazing job of capturing what the game is like for those of us who will never play the game for a living. Varying player personalities, seemingly impossible suck-outs, and a relative nobody winning it all may seem like a nice script but is actually reality in the poker world.


While a straight comedy, the poker scenes in the film were very well done. Players got some insight on how Maverick was so “lucky” when in reality he was just playing the player.  At the final table you also got a taste of how crooked some poker games were in the past and can still be in certain home poker games.

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