Annihilation: Natalie Portman

Annihilation (2018) With Natalie Portman

By Cathy Baylis.

The new movie “Annihilation” starring Natalie Portman is making a big noise out there. Fans are excited to see Portman playing the smart and sexy biologist whose husband suddenly vanishes into the unknown. The movie puts a feminine emphasis on its characters – the plot sends Portman, the leader of an entire female team, into a mysterious, yet dangerous place: the jungle. The women must do their best to survive and find Natalie’s husband, played by Oscar Isaac. The movie gets even more intense as the females use their brainy powers to solve the mystery. The team is made of Natalie Portman the biologist, Jennifer Jason Leigh the psychologist, Tuva Novotny the linguist, Gina Rodriguez the anthropologist, and Tessa Thompson, the great survivor.

Based on the novel written by Jeff VanderMeer, the story promises interesting conflicts and existential debates that rely on the characters’ complexity. Trailer scenes showing the crossfire and battles inside the jungle put “Annihilation” on top of every 2018 movie list. The women’s team combats interesting obstacles such as creepy monsters, which gives the story an unbelievable, yet dreadful vibe. Science merges with emotions, and the result is annihilating any human sense.

There were some rumours about a behind-the-scene conflict between two executive producers of the movie, David Ellison and Scott Rudin. The two producers argued over Portman’s character and how she should have been portrayed, according the Alex Garland’s view (the director and writer of sci-fi movie “Ex Machina”). The trailer also released lots of reactions from the public, some saying Annihilation will be the movie of the year, while others criticising Natalie’s role being diminished (which is exactly the opposite of the book’s plot).

Carrie Longwood, currently CEO at Assignment Master and former movie producer, argues the opposite. “I believe that ‘Annihilation’ should be recognised as a tribute to our century’s feminine movement. Its plot clearly shows women as powerful entities, who can solve difficult problems, and have the courage to change the world. Of course, we are waiting for the movie to be released, but I can see it from the trailer already: Portman does not have a diminishing role – her character makes former feminine movie characters fade. Her ability to solve challenging mysteries, love, fight, and win, shows the world that women can do it too! And sometimes, they do it even better than men.”

Some critiques think that the behind-the-scenes conflict has made Natalie’s character even more powerful. Some believe the opposite. We are waiting for the movie to come to theaters, and then we will be able to debate even more information on the topic.


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