Cult Franchise Sharknado Making America Bait Again

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With Sharknado 5: Global Swarming now hitting the DVD and Blu-ray shelves, we take a look at this unlikely hero of the made-for-TV movie world.

Sharknado is a series of movies, or a franchise as the industry likes to call it, which tackles the most important question in life: what would happen if an epidemic of giant tornados sucked all the angriest sharks out of the oceans and then spat them out of the sky? But it does not just ask this question once, it asks it again and again and again, suggesting that there are no shortage of angles from which the Sharknado questioned can be approached. Or more pertinently, that there are no shortage of fans willing to pay good money to watch endless grumpy-sharks-spat-out-of-tornado-themed movies.

So what is it about of this particular premise that has spawned a cult phenomenon? Well, it’s not really that hard to comprehend. Even the most serious-minded movie buffs must admit that there is something appealing about the thought of seeing killer sharks being dumped into the most unlikely of scenarios. What’s more, the series never takes itself too seriously, while giving a poke in the ribs to a whole host of other movies along the way.

So far in the five-movie series, we have seen sharks in aeroplanes, sharks in subways, sharks on freeways, sharks in houses and even sharks in casinos – a scene that perhaps inspired the videoslots game of the same name now available on Betsafe. The fact that the movie has its own video game ranks it alongside the likes of Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park and Back to the Future as big screen productions that have hit the gaming market. That’s how well-loved these movies are.

So, what happens in Sharknado 5? Oh, you mean you want to know the plot? Well, to explore the complexities of the story, we need to consider exactly where Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens left off. Well, in what was a real cliff-hanger, the film ended with the world on course for annihilation, while the Eiffel Tower had been relocated to Niagra Falls, a scene that gave us a clue to the shark’s last whereabouts. That’s right, they had been causing havoc in Europe. And that’s where some, but not all, of the action takes place in what might loosely be described as a Sharknado origin story.

Other countries to suffer from severe shark-based weather systems in the movie include Japan, South Africa and Mexico. And, of course, it is up to our surfing hero Fin and his wife April to save the day in this tale of teleportation, mutation and destruction.

To makes things even harder for the protagonists, they also have to deal with the acting talents of former model Katie Price, who makes a brief cameo, along with a few other surprise guests! She joins the likes of Jedward, David Hasselhoff, Kelly Osbourne and Jerry Springer on the previous list of celebrities who have popped up in the franchise, only to be gruesomely devoured.

The movie has already aired on the Syfy, but it can also be found on top streaming sites such as Netflix and YouTube, and is out on DVD and Blu-ray disc format just in time for a Great White Christmas. Ouch!

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