Wonder Woman Joins The Elite

Wonder Woman 2017

2) The Dark Knight ($535 million)

Batman for grown-ups, this second instalment of the trilogy had a far more menacing, film noir feel than Batman Begins. Nolan is comfortable in his skin (or bat suit) and the story telling is first class, but it is Heath Ledger’s awe inspiring and frankly terrifying interpretation of The Joker that really sent this film to another level, made all the more poignant by his death so soon after filming ended.

1) The Avengers ($623 million)

Looking back, it is impossible to see how this film could ever have been anything other than a solid gold hit, but at the time, bolting different movie franchises together was a massive gamble that could have ended in a turkey. As it turned out, the entire 2:23 is an absolute delight, and has kept us coming back again and again.

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