The Best Of Abertoir Festival

Abertoir Festival

The 12th year of Aberystwyth’s International Horror Festival had a distinct Giallo hue, with screenings of some of the sub-genre’s finest from Dario Argento and Mario Bava, as well as a live Q&A with legendary Demons director Lamberto Bava.

But amongst the black gloves and bloodied blades there featured a host of new horror films from across the globe. Here are BRWC’s five faves from the fest.

The Endless

Art-house horror auteurs Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead (Spring) return to the roots they laid with their post-modern debut Resolution. After receiving a mysterious videotape from an old friend, two brothers (played by the writer-director duo themselves) revisit the cult they fled from years previously. But after reacquainting themselves with communal life, they suspect it might involve more than craft ale and Kumbaya round the campfire.

It’s best to spoil as little as possible of the plot, but Messrs Benson & Moorhead once again demonstrate their flair for character-driven drama, muted beauty, and how even complex concepts need little exposition with deft writing. Fans of lo-fi sci-fi like Primer and Coherence will appreciate the creeping chills of an unravelling universe, but The Endless also melds the mind-melting metaphysics with earnest emotion, setting both the brain and the heart racing.

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