FilmFrame Ep. 5 – Thelma

Thelma, FilmFrame, Joachim Trier, Eili Harboe

On episode five of the FilmFrame podcast, co-hosts Orla Smith and Scott Wilson discuss Joachim Trier’s Thelma, as well as listing their top 5 non-comic book films about superpowers, and talking about Take This Waltz, The Legend of Barney Thomson, Ingrid Goes West, and more.

0:00-0:52 – Introduction
0:52-11:36 – Suburbicon, Beach Rats, Jane, Ingrid Goes West, Murder on the Orient Express, Battle of the Sexes, Bjork’s and Sufjan Stevens’ new albums
11:36-47:33 – Top 5 non-comic book films about superpowers
47:33-54:28 – Thelma non-spoiler introduction
54:28-1:37:43 – Thelma spoiler discussion
1:37:43-1:41:32 – Thelma non-spoiler final thoughts and ratings
1:41:32-2:02:33 – Film swap: Take This Waltz
2:02:33-2:12:10 – Film swap: The Legend of Barney Thomson
2:12:10-2:17:46 – Film swap recommendations for next week
2:17:46-2:20:20 – Outro

Follow along with our film swap, or email us any other film related thoughts (you could tell us your thoughts on next week’s film Battle of the Sexes) and have them read out on next week’s show, at

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Seventh Row



Elissa Street

A young college student in Oslo named Thelma (Eili Harboe) deals with violent seizures and burgeoning telekinetic powers, both of which seem to be triggered by her romantic interest in a female classmate (Kaya Wilkins).

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