Double Date: A Beautiful Nightmare

Double Date

Besties Jim and Alex can’t believe their luck when they meet beautiful siblings Lulu and Kitty who appear to be up for absolutely anything. Result. Little do they know that the sinister sisters are on the murder hunt for sacrificial lambs as part of a hell-raising ritual and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Throw in some ecstasy, the narcotic variety, and what you get is a horror/comedy movie that just keeps on giving.

Poor old Jim (Danny Morgan). At 29, he’s not a hit with the ladies by any stretch of the imagination and he’s just been dumped by his girlfriend on the eve of his 30th birthday.  To add to his despair, Jim confesses to his lovable but mental best mate, Alex (Michael Socha), that he looses his mojo during crucial intimate moments and is in fact a still a virgin. So, Alex decrees that Jim with pop his cherry before he turns 30 if it kills him. And that’s what very nearly happens to them both when Lulu (Georgia Groome) and Kitty (Kelly Wenham) just happen to cross their paths in a bar.

Lulu and Kitty’s killer streak is spelled out from the outset so there are no real surprises as to their motive for targeting Jim and Alex, but what is shocking are the violent and gory scenes throughout the movie.  In fact, those sequences are Double Date’s most redeeming features. That and several other memorable laugh-out-loud scenes like Jim’s impromptu non-starter date with a bereaved bag-vomiting drunk, his visit with his happy clappy Christian family and a kick-ass fight between at Alex and Kitty that gets low down and dirty.

Ok, so some bits look fake and totally unbelievable but it’s all bloody good fun. Double Date is apologetically British, with a solid cast and a musical cameo by Big Narstie thrown in for added authenticity. An impressive writing debut by Danny Morgan, who recently won the the Screen International/FrightFest Genre Rising Star 2017 award.

Double Date is due for UK cinema release on Friday 13 October.

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