The BRWC Review: Logan Lucky

The BRWC Review: Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky ticks all the requirements for a heist/caper movie on paper but just didn’t work on screen.

Unlucky for Steven Soderbergh he just couldn’t recreate the magic of Ocean’s 11 which may be down to poor casting in part. Whatever avant garde thing he was trying to do just didn’t work. Daniel Craig was pretty decent though.

Logan Lucky centres on Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum), a former high school quarterback who failed to make it big working dead beat jobs in Boone County. Along with his brother Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) they decide to steal the takings from the biggest NASCAR race weekend in North Carolina but in order to do it they need Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) only problem is he’s in jail. So now the brothers have set themselves the impossible task of breaking him out of jail and pulling of this heist. Will they succeed and also break the Logan curse?

This is a solid heist movie but it isn’t as funny as it thinks it is. This is mostly down to Channing Tatum being the weakest link. Adam Driver is memorable as is the child actress who plays Channing’s daughter in the film and Daniel Craig is quite simply at his comic best. It also seems full of caricatures and feels so Southern it hurts y’all. There was a little nod to Little Miss Sunshine and Farrah Mackenzie (Sadie Logan) who sings John Denver’s country roads take me home is a touching moment in a frankly average film. I don’t quite understand why Soderbergh would attempt to recreate the Ocean’s films. Clearly, Mr Soderbergh has never heard the old adage “never look back, never go back”!

Wait for this on DVD or if you have one of those monthly cinema cards then why not although it will feel like a long two hours. This is just not as great as it could have been and it is so deeply frustrating given what a trailblazer Steven Soderbergh has been over the past 20 years.

Logan Lucky opens in cinemas across the UK tomorrow, 25 August.

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