The Little White Lies Guide To Making Your Own Movie

Little White Lies

On 18th September 2017 Laurence King is releasing the Little White Lies Guide to Making Your own Movie in 39 Steps (nice touch).

Indie film magazine Little White Lies, once again delivering film facts wrapped up in a dreamy little package. The design is first-rate, as you would expect from the team, with all unnecessary frills discarded. Little White Lies acknowledge through this book that the movie business is an ever changing beast. It celebrates the fact that the means of film production in the past couple of decades have become increasingly accessible to the average human. “You can even do it with the phone in your pocket” states the pull quote on the back cover. This is the first of many ways in which the book retreats from Hollywood traditionalism.

Little White Lies

It’s a lovely book.

The guide is lighthearted yet solidly informative, author Matt Thrift avoids becoming bogged down in technical jargon, as is the case for many books on film production, but picks out the most useful terminology for a novice to learn. Thrift uses a variety of examples for each step so as not to be overly prescriptive, and to champion innovation. The emphasis on smartphone usage is high, with plenty of tips on how to get the best results out of cheap equipment.


Some great facts included!

The Little White Lies Guide to Making Your own Movie is not exclusively for budding filmmakers. It is an enjoyable read for any film fan, giving greater insight into how iconic shots have been created.

Available from from 18th September 2017

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