The Best PDF Perks For Your Scripts

THE NEON DEMON Film-maker Nicolas Winding Refn in conversation with James Bond writers Robert Wade and Neal Purvis at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square on 24/10/2016 .

No matter what kind of service you’re talking about, there is always a sense of exclusivity when some features are only available for the users that pay. With a distinct delimitation between the free and paid version of any type of software, it can get quite frustrating to know that you’re missing out on some cool features just because you’re not willing to pay for the whole package.

However, those that use PDF as their main text format know that the service comes with the best perks. There are many things that make the perks granted by using PDF the best, but one of the most important is the fact that they’re available for everyone using PDF.

Free to use

What other perk can represent the spirit of “free” better than the actual fact that PDF is free for anyone to use. There are many PDF software solutions out so you can have your pick of the litter. So if for instance you want to install Soda PDF, all you have to do is visit sodapdf and get it in a couple of clicks. This kind of accessibility is one of the best things about PDF in general.

Universal formatting is the best

With other text document editing formats, people usually need to have the same software as you if you are going to send them something to read or edit. This can be a big inconvenience. But with PDF, they can use whatever software they want. It’s the kind of freedom that you can’t ask more of. It’s great when you can just send somebody something without having to worry about them being able to read it or work on it. People on deadlines will especially appreciate this one.

Password protection

Are you paranoid about people reading your documents or your computer getting hacked? Put a password on your PDF files so that nobody will access them without your approval. Other file formats don’t offer this type of feature and that’s one of the things that puts PDF miles ahead of its competition. It’s just so easy to put a password on your file and then just go about your business.

Online compatibility and full access

There are many tools and software solutions that you can use to completely revolutionize and enhance your PDF experience but if all you have is a simple digital device (computer, phone, tablet) and a PDF file, you have access to all the features that you will probably need. You can even access PDF documents using the internet browser. How many more text formats can you say that about?

Not having to buy, download and install anything that you don’t want to for the format to be fully functional is the greatest perk.

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