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The work of movie make-up artists is often overlooked, even though it is vital. For example, some films require make-up artists to transform a human being into an ethereal creature. Everyone knows that these looks involve prosthetics and incredible make-up skills, but there are times when make-up is a little more subtle. This could involve ageing or de-ageing a performer for a particular role. The point is that the work of a movie make-up artist is on display, yet some may not know this. The following should help you understand the importance of make-up artists and what the job entails.

How is Make-Up Artistry Used in Film?

You know that these artists change performers in accordance to a role, but their work is a lot more important than this.

For example, the right make-up artist can help the actor channel the character. There are many times when an actor relies on the make-up designer to help him or her flesh out the character, which only helps make a better film.

These artists also help the audience. While the movie is playing, they help the audience suspend belief. The work of a good make-up artists makes you believe what you are seeing. The audience is going to accept that a 20-something year old actor is in high school or that a ethereal creature is real.

Directors also use this talent to ground the film in some type of reality. For example, make-up artists help the director make the actor look tired or alert with a few changes to the face. Directors also use this type of artistry to show injury or even death. In short, these artists are an intricate part of the magic of film making.

What Does the Make-Up Artist Job Entail?

The job may seem relatively easy, but it is quite extensive. First thing you should know is there are normally two types of make-up artists. Some work on the extremities of an actor while others work on the body. Those that work on the extremities work from the top of the head to the top of the breastbone. These artists also cover make-up duties from the wrist to the tip of the fingers and the toes to the ankles. The body make-up artist covers the rest if necessary.

The artist has to meet with the director after reading the script to talk about the design of the make-up. Once a style is agreed upon, the make-up artist has to talk to the hair designer, costume designer, set designer, and the lighting directors to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The artist must make sure that the make-up looks the same every time for continuity purposes. He or she must also ensure that performers look the same as well. This is done with make-up, but there are times with an artist uses natural skin remedies like Eugenia Shea recommended all natural shea butter to ensure that the actor’s look is rested and as expected since it helps relief the stress make-up puts on the skin.

Sometimes the make-up artist has to make appointments for the actor to go the optometrist or dentist should the performer need to use contacts or tooth-based effects.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the job of a movie make-up artists than meets the eye, and these points just scratch the surface.

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