How To Pass The Time On Long Travel Journeys

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A well-earned vacation is a way to recharge and de-stress so you can face the rigors of real life once you return. But reaching your dream destination may involve long hours on transportation that may itself be a source of boredom and anxiety.

The following are some ways to pass the time so the journey becomes just as interesting as the destination.

  1. Catch up on print. Take all those magazines and catalogues that have been piling up on the kitchen worktop with you. You can then catch up on all your reading. When you’re done with the materials, offer them to your seatmates or transportation staff. Or leave them where someone else can enjoy them.
  2. If you’re traveling with someone, give each other some soothing hand massages to leave each other feeling relaxed. Add some massage oil, if available, and do one hand at a time. Use your watch or smartphone as a timer so you each get an equal amount of pleasure.
  3. Compile and bring a list of names and address of people you like. Then buy a stack of postcards just before you board. Write a postcard to each person on your list. Many airlines will give you postcards and mail them for you on request. Otherwise, mail your stack when you reach your destination.
  4. Bring a laptop or tablet for online activities. You’re probably going to have your smartphone with you. But the larger screen of a tablet or laptop makes watching movies, browsing social media, or reading news feeds much more convenient on long trips. Many trains and planes have power sockets so you can recharge your devices while on the go. If not and your journey is longer than your typical battery charge, bring an extra battery that is already charged up.
  5. Have fun at an online casino. Black jack, poker, roulette, and other table games are not only enjoyable but can earn you money as well. Be sure to read the rules carefully so you know how to play each game, win, and deal with money.
  6. Look out the window. Don’t become so engrossed in your smart devices that you fail to look at the passing scenery. A dynamic map on your GPS-enabled device can help identify where interesting points are located in relation to where you are. You can also ask the staff (if you aren’t being driven) when you’ll be passing beautiful areas.
  7. Get arty. Bring a sketchpad and some coloured pencils and start drawing what you see. Don’t forget that what’s inside your cabin can be just as interesting for art as what’s outside. If your skills aren’t up to par, bring an adult colouring book that you can fill in.
  8. Blog the old-fashioned way. Bring a blank notebook and pen so you can write down your thoughts, adventures, or a diary. You can even insert flat souvenirs such as receipts or tickets between. Don’t be afraid to draw a map or pictures of your travel.
  9. Talk to strangers. They’ll welcome the chance to converse with somebody new to pass the time. Bring pictures of important people and places in your life either in hard-copy or as files on your smartphone. You then have visual aids to show them while you talk.
  10. Exercise your brain. Bring books with crossword puzzles and other word games so you can have fun while keeping your intellectual juices flowing. Smartphone versions of these puzzles are also available if you want to dispense with writing.
  11. Perform a play reading. This works best if you’re with a small group and have a private cabin but can also be done by just two people sitting next to each other. Have everybody download a copy of the same play script on their smart device. Then each person assumes a character and reads their dialog out loud. If nobody volunteers to read the stage directions, rotate that responsibility among everybody.

If you plan in advance for activities you can do and prep for them, you can turn a long journey into something memorable and fun.

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