Oscar 2017 Nominee: Michael Shannon

Elvis & Nixon

The untold true story of the impromptu 1970 meeting between Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon, Shannon assumed the role of The King of Rock’n’Roll for this incredible insight into what really happened in the oval office the day of the iconic photograph, which has since become the most requested of all time from the National Archives. The film looks at the most popular man in the world’s bizarre request to meet the most powerful man in the world, citing concerns about drug culture, the Black Panthers, and the hippie movement, telling Nixon that he wants to be sworn in as an undercover narcotics agent. It’s a humourous and revealing account of two men who, at opposite ends of the fame spectrum, feel underappreciated by American culture, which is developing at a rate that they can’t keep up with and no longer recognise. Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon may not have physically resembled the parts they played, but they breathed life into cultural and political icons.

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