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Everyone loves a good scare… don’t they? Well like it or lump it, the horror genre is alive and kicking (like many on the list below) as it continues to be one of the most thriving and most profitable genres in Hollywood. There are many ways that a good horror film can get under your skin; from psychological chills through narrative like Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, to the outright weird and creepy like The Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre; and of course, using suspense and surprise to make audiences jump out of their seats in shock; like The Blair Witch Project.

To celebrate the release of this highly anticipated sequel – Blair Witch – on DVD & Blu-ray January 23rd, we take a look at some of the greatest scares to ever make it onto the big screen.

The Blair Witch Project / Blair Witch (1999 / 2016)

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is a film that was truly groundbreaking when it first arrived in cinemas, and gave new outlook the genre. Three college students decide to investigate a local rumour of woods in Maryland being haunted by the unforgiving Blair Witch for a class project, armed with nothing but their video cams. As they progress further into the woods they begin to realise that their school exercise is becoming a nightmare when they get lost and discover strange artefacts from (what can only be) the Blair Witch, still living in the woods. The true horror of this film lies in its presentation with handheld, home-video quality footage, and for a long time fans suspected the film to be a real-life video documentary about kids that had disappeared and never found again. Blair Witch picks up where the original left off, with the younger brother of one of the victims venturing out into the woods to try and find her, with the help of some caring friends of course. Although this is a sequel, the film does try to build up the original’s story, with the trees and atmosphere of the forest playing a much bigger role and playing on its supernatural elements. Hopefully, after this one, people will stop going into those woods!

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