Big Wins With Pyramid Joker Poker

When plain old Jacks or Better video poker is just too plain, and Double Double Bonus Poker doesn’t offer enough excitement for a casual evening of chasing royals, what choices are available for the video poker connoisseur? A new variant that offers excitement through the addition of a wild card and additional pay tables is the thrilling Pyramid Joker Poker.

How to Play
If familiar with standard video poker play, a player is already well on the way to winning with Pyramid Joker Poker. While the game is dealt as standard five card draw with one discard and drawing round, the player gets to wager against three pay tables instead of only one. The main pay table which is centered on the screen is the normal five card Joker Poker table paying out kings or better pair hands up to a natural royal flush. On either side of the five card pay table there are three card combination pay tables. The three card tables pay six different combinations starting with pairs that are jacks or better up to a wild royal flush using the joker card.

At the beginning of play, the player chooses to wager one to five credits on the main five card pay table. The same amount of credits can also be wagered on one or both of the three card pay tables. This betting structure offers a range of wagering from one to fifteen total credits for each hand.

Once the wagers are set, the game begins by hitting the deal button. This deals a five card poker hand and the player can hold from zero to five cards. With two, three card pay tables in play, extra care should be taken when choosing which cards to hold. After the holds are set, the player hits the deal button one more time and the draw cards are dealt completing the hand. The resultant hand is paid out according to the various pay tables and wagers made and, if a winning hand has been dealt, the player is offered a chance to go for double or nothing.

Double Up Round
Possibly the most exciting and profitable feature of Pyramid Joker Poker is the double up round. With any winning hand, the player will be offered to play an additional game to double the winnings that have been earned. By choosing to double up the dealer is dealt on card face up and the player gets four cards dealt face down. The player then chooses one of the four down cards and if this card has a value higher than the dealer’s card the player’s winnings are doubled. If the player’s chosen card is lower than the dealer card, the original winnings are lost. This option can repeat up to four times for a player on a hot streak giving the possibility of expanding the winnings to 16 times the original payout! Combine this with a full, 15 credit wager and it’s easy to see how Pyramid Joker Poker can be an effective bankroll builder.

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