Are Republicans Beginning To Even The Odds Against Democrat Challengers?

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A newly released poll, courtesy of bet making experts Oddshark, shows Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump running neck and neck with his primary opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is excellent news for odds makers, as it seems to flatly contradict previous polls that showed Clinton well ahead of Trump. As such, it may mean an intensified race to the finish for bet makers and political pundits alike, with plenty of jockeying and second guessing all the way to the proverbial photo finish. While such polls are highly subjective and nowhere near scientific, they are always controversial.

The Race for The White House Mirrors The Race For The Senate

As the race for the White House grows ever more heated, the simultaneous race for the Senate has also grown more intense. Senatorial candidates, such as Mike Crapo, are hoping for positive results, while their Democratic opponents hope to oust them from their dominant position in the Congress. While Crapo and other Republican candidates seem well poised to retain their seats, many of their Democratic challengers are equally confident that this may be the year of their triumph. While polling has remained inconclusive, the general feeling seems to be that another round of neck and neck finishes is in store.

Campaign Polls Show the Likelihood Of An Extremely Tight National Race

There are now less than two weeks left to go before the Presidential campaign of 2016 is placed securely in the history books. However, these two weeks will likely be the source of much contention and controversy, with results that may last well beyond the season. As of a week ago, the recent Bovada poll claimed that Hillary Clinton was a -550 favorite. Meanwhile, Donald Trump drew the short straw with a respectable listing at +350 odds. However, these odds were released just as the latest round of Clinton email news was disclosed to the media. As of now, Clinton stands at -300, and Trump at +200.

What Exactly Do the Bovada Poll Numbers Imply for the Candidates?

The Bovada poll numbers are calculated to imply the probability of either candidate realizing their goal of attaining to the highest office in the country. By scoring at her current level of -300, Hillary Clinton is shown by the polls to have a 75 percent chance of becoming our next President. However, this figure shows an approximate decline of 10 percent from her previous polling figure of -550. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has registered an intriguing increase, gaining 9.5 percent to reach his present total of +200. As such, he now has a 33 percent chance of becoming the next President of the United States.

Can Odds Making Polls Be Trusted as A True Indication of Sentiment?

Of course, the average voter can hardly take these unscientific odds maker polls at full face value. They do serve some purpose as a reliable indicator of a certain segment of the voting population, but are hardly trustworthy on a literal level. The stated goal of the Republican candidates in the present race will be to retain control over Congress, regardless of how the Presidential race may turn out. This goal calls for the use of strong strategic initiatives that have little to do with odds making polls.

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