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Planning a getaway this weekend? Well then you do not really have to be stuck on a boring game of Slug Bug along the long car trip, for here is an alternative for you!

Less popular in the UK but commonly played in the US, Roadkill bingo is not for the fainthearted. The game is for the tough and unfazed ones, who are willing to get dirty.

Roadkill Bingo is but a scornful little game where the travelers need to spot dead animals lying by or in the road. This game isn’t much popular in UK but commonly played in and around US.

Right from bison and deer, the bingo cards contains the pictures of animals

And with the trip progressing, the travelers encounters dead animals on the road marking  them marked off.

In this version of the set of 24 images is completely different animals printed in a grid format, on the bingo card. Ideally the player to spot the specific roadkill first only is qualified to mark off the corresponding picture. Similar to regular bingo, a sequence of five dead animals, are to be spotted which are in the same row or column on the bingo card.

Moreover to make the game more personalizing, usually the cards include animals more likely to be found dead in the particular locale.

This bingo variation may come off quite gruesome to some, as you daub the cards that is not laden with numbers but animals commonly found run over on the many roads of the U.S.

People who play this often do it to kill the monotonousness during long road trips. Currently, played in suburban and rural parts of the countryside, it most popular among younger groups of people, traveling.

Although not much popular in the UK, Roadkill bingo is quite popular in the state of Kentucky. And the British PR firm promoting the place, recommends the state as a great place to play “roadkill bingo.”

“So if you can get over the sadness, and the blood, give it a whirl.” says one of the marketers.

Would you ever try Roadkill bingo? Do let us know! And well, if the game is getting way too grisly for you and your travel partners, you could simply play a fun game of online bingo during the long traveling hours. Visit Betway Bingo, run by Microgaming software. The site won the WhichBingo Award for Best New Online Bingo Site 2015. And on making your first deposit you win a 300% Welcome bonus and also avail Plus Points as you play!

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