7 Inspiring Movies For Students

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Whether you are searching for a movie to watch with your friend or with your boyfriend/girlfriend, these top 7 films offer inspiration, motivation, stimulation, and in some cases, even a warning. Thus, stop searching for college papers for sale and watch the best inspirational movies mentioned in the list below.

The greater part of these movies may seem to be too hard to watch. However, although a lot of the stories are fictional and only a couple of them are based on the real life examples, all of them give the great life lessons. Make sure to watch the trailers of them if the descriptions proposed in this article are not enough for you.

Bruce Almighty

7 Inspiring Movies For Students

Bruce Almighty is an interesting movie with a good humor, which brings a significant message to everybody. It is about a TV journalist who always face a lot of challenges in his life and thinks that he has a bad luck. He gripes that God is not powerful – and soon God appeared to him and offered him one of his forces to check whether Bruce can be better than God and can make all the job faster and better. During the film, Bruce sees a lot of different stories and lives around him. At the end he understands that it is not simple to be God. Moreover, this powerful period of life gives him a number of life lessons.

The Peaceful Warrior

Way of The Peaceful Warrior is a very interesting piece of literature, thus for those, who read it or who like visualizing things more them reading about them, it is recommended to watch the movie based on this book. The film is about a boy named Dan, who is a student from U.C. Berkeley and who has everything every student could dream of – good friends, handsome appearance, girls’ attention and talent in gymnastics. However, he is still unhappy. Moreover, he is thinking about his life at nights, therefore he has problems with sleep. Once, at night he meets a spiritual guide and from that moment his way to self-revelation starts.

This movie is full of inspirational quotes and meaningful messages. This article is not made to be a spoiler, however, read some reviews and you will be amazed by the quantity of positive comments on it.

The Family Man

The Family Man is a movie during which you may simultaneously laugh and cry. It is about a single speculation financier who gets the chance to experience how his life would have been if he settled on an alternate choice 13 years ago (staying with his girlfriend and making a family instead of choosing a career that made him rich). It’s a film with an ‘imagine a scenario where I had done this rather this?’. It shows the contrasts and different sides of life.

This movie may motivate you to look at your life now and think what will be in your future if you are not going to change the way you live. Moreover, ask yourself a couple of questions:

∙Do I want to live a life of a rich businessman and think about wealth or I want to be family guy/girl and think about the happiness of my family? 

∙Will I be simply living for others yet not for myself? 

∙Is it true that this is life I need? If not, what am I going to do to change this result?


Click is about a man (Adam Sandler in the main role), who gets a remote controller that permits him to streak back, stop and fast forward through time. Sometimes he wants to skip the unremarkable/exhausting moment of his life such as a supper with his family, a morning shower and the days when he is ill. At first it seems to be fun, however after he discovered it accompanies sudden negative results, which you need to watch to discover. The main message of this movie is “Do not put your life on hold, all the moments are worth to be lived”.

The Bucket List

7 Inspiring Movies For Students

The Bucket List is about 2 men who have the lung cancer diagnosis. During the treatment process they become close friends and instead of waiting the death, they choose to enjoy their lives and to make a journey in order to cross out all the things in the bucket list that have to be done before they die.

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is around a youngster who makes a cooperative attitude development, where he helps 3 individuals with something they cannot do themselves. After the person receives the help, he/she must “pay it forward” by helping 3 other individuals. The film is not moving at the beginning, however you have to wait a couple of minutes and you will see how everything reconnects during the movie. It’s a film of generosity, goodness and appreciation.

Yes Man!

Yes Man is about a bank worker (Jim Carrey) who used to answer “No” to every single question and request. However, once he visits a motivational seminar and begins saying only “Yes”.

Ask yourself how many times per day do you answer “No” and what could happen if you would change your attitude to different things and say “Yes”? This movie is among the most inspirational ones, therefore consider watching it as soon as you can.

This list includes just a couple of great films. There are quite a lot of other motivational and inspiring movies for students that you can find out about in another list of inspiring movies.

In addition, take a look at 5 students’ habits to be removed for successful career (think not only about what to watch but also about your future). 

Have a pleasant viewing and good luck!

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