5 Films Every Freshman Should Watch Before Going To University

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Are you planning to go to the university soon? Assuming this is the case, we have top 5 films every freshman has to watch.

Of course, the greater part of the films do not show the real life at college. However, who needs to watch a film about that? Rather, you will watch the inspirational, motivational movies full of the quotes that you will remember for the rest of your life.

This list is worth looking at! Thus, instead of searching for the best essay writing service before going to university, enjoy watching the movies mentioned below that may answer one of the most popular questions among students “How to prepare for college?” 

Read this article before getting into college and be sure that you will know how the first year will turn out to be.


5 Films Every Freshman Should Watch Before Going To University

Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger spent his childhood in a small town in Illinois. His life was predicted to be similar to his father’s life until the time when he thought that he wants to change it. Rudy was extremely passionate about playing football at Notre Dame. However, he has problems at college (low grades), undistinguished skills in sports and moreover, he is too slim. But these issues do not stop Rudy. He works hard to achieve a goal. Watch this movie based on a real life story and you will see how this story ends up! Be sure that during this film you will laugh and probably cry (especially at the end). “Rudy” is worth watching!


This list of movies cannot be full without the movie “Clueless” This film is based on the Jane Austen novel “Emma”. You can see a typical hierarchy of a high school (that can be similar to the one you may face in the university). All the characters have their unique personalities (e.g. Cher and Tai-everybody loves them). Also, the style and fashion influences our lives even now. Therefore, do not look at the date when this movie came out, the problems and situations shown there are still real. Unquestionably give this one a watch; in addition, it is a bit similar to “Mean Girls.”

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

In spite of the fact that it just came out in 2012, “Perks” has rapidly turned into another exemplary of the movie about the young years. This movie is about Charlie, a freshman, whose past is unknown, but who has problems in present. He does not have anyone to talk with and to sit by on the lectures. Moreover, he tries to go to the parties for the first time. These situations are known to everybody who was a freshman. Give “Perks” a watch to be more knowledgeable about the experience you will have at your university.

28 Days

5 Films Every Freshman Should Watch Before Going To University

Many students do not think about how much and how often they drink. Binge drinking is OK for most of the college students, however, it should be a cause for concern. Alcoholism is not normal and partying on the typical Friday nights should not become a usual habit. This comedy-drama film is about a girl whose life did not use to be under control, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes were not something special for her. However, once she gets into a house for the addicted people and there her life changes completely. Being sober and know when it is better to deny are the key principles you have to remember in order not to fail in the first year of the college life.

Enough Said

Leaving home and starting living on campus or another accommodation is not only a new experience for students, but also a hard period of the parents’ lives. Children become more interested in spending time with their friends and going to the parties instead of having some quiet dinners with their families. This movie will show all the changes between students and parents before and after a start of the college lives.

Get ready to become a student of the university with this list of movies to the every taste. If you want to see more films or you watched these top 5 before (it happens), then check another list of movies.

Moreover, read top 7 interview techniques rules to have a good knowledge not only about the movies but also about the things that can help you in future. 

Good luck!

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