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Bad Education

Year: 2012

World premiere: August 14, 2012

Number of Episodes: 19

Country: United Kingdom

Duration of the episode: 28 min.

‘Bad Education’ is British youth comedy series that entices viewers into the walls of the high school. Here, eccentric and incompetent teacher is trying to put at least a grain of knowledge in the heads of his overage students who do not wish to learn and are tired of the term papers. Every day, this training brings a lot of funny incidents and ridiculous situations. The film stars Jack Binstead, Mathew Horne, Ethan Lawrence, Kae Alexander and other young actors.

Cast and crew of ‘Bad Education’

Directed by Elliot Hegarty, Ben Fuller, Al Campbell

Writers: Ben KEVI, Shaun Pye, Dan Suimer and others.

Producers: Pippa Brown, Ben Kevin, Chris Sussman and others.

The content

Alfie has recently become a teacher. Not a long time ago, he himself was sitting at the desk. And since  that moment he did not grow older and mature. Alfie behaves slightly better than the students during his classes who perceive a new teacher for the person with whom you can take the liberty at doing almost everything. Meanwhile, despite the obvious Alfie’s incompetency, school director encourages his frivolous behavior, believing that this is a new way to interact with children. But the subpricipal clearly understands that Alfie is just an idiot, that needs to be educated the same way as his students.



Year: 2011

Country: United States

A comedy drama “Awkward” is an American youth series about a teenage girl, her friends, parents, classmates and many youth issues. The main author and creator of the series is Lauren Iungerich. The lead is done by young actress Ashley Rickards. Nikki DeLoach, Beau Mirchoff, Ashley Rickards, Brett Davern and other young stars also took part in this project.

Number of episodes: 12 episodes (the first season).

Duration of episodes: 20 minutes.


Fresh Meat

Year: 2011

World premiere: September 21, 2011

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 40 min.

The British comedy-drama series ‘Fresh meat’ tells the story about the first-year students, recently admitted to the University. Quite different young men and women must find something in common between them, to live peacefully in the same dormitory and classrooms. The main roles in the series are performed by the young cast of Charlotte Ritchie, Greg McHugh, Jack Whitehall, Zawe Ashton and other young actors.

Directed by: David Kerr, Annie Griffin, Gordon Anderson and others.

Writers: Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Tony Roche and others.

Produced by: Rhonda Smith, Judy Koynihan, Tony Roche and others.

Waters, Oregano, JP, Josie, and Howard Kingsley have recently headed to college and now master the new science – how to be adults in the student community. Life on campus is unlike anything else here because has its own laws, its own rules and its fun. Young people are always concerned about issues of sex, booze, parties etc. The six main characters of the series will have to figure out where they were, what kind of people surround them, and most importantly – who they are. To understand yourself is not so easy, especially when one has a lot of oddities, eccentricities or diffidences. But what initially seems to be a frustrating experience, soon becomes familiar and funny and it reveals characters better!


Pretty Little Liars

Year: 2010 Premiere: June 8, 2010

Country: USA Studio: ABC, Alloy Entertainment 

Duration: 42 min.

Directed by: Norman Buckley, Ron Lagomarsino, Chad Lowe, and others.

Written by: Liyya Barash, Michael J. Sinkuemani, Charles Grant Craig and others.

Starring: Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Keegan Allen, Ian Harding, Holly Marie Combs, Chad Lowe, Laura Leighton, Bianca Lawson.

The plot of the series

The series “Pretty Little Liars” is the story about ex-girlfriends charming schoolgirls Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily. They have become victims of their own intrigues and anonymous messages from a mysterious stranger. He knows too many secrets that keep these girls in tension.

The action takes place in a small town called Rosewood. Four young high school student Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily lead an active social life within the walls of the local school. Once upon a time there were five of them, but after the next party Alison disappears. A year later, the girls have to reunite their beloved company, as each of them receives mysterious messages from anonymous “E”. It would seem that the answer is obvious – only missing girl knew so many details about the secret lives of their friends, but the body of the deceased Alison was found in a pit in the vicinity of Rosewood, and the circle of suspects is getting wider every day. Spencer is in love with her sister’s boyfriend, and is not going to stop doing her staff, until she gets what she wants. Aria dreams about her teacher of English, whom she accidentally meets in a bar. Emily constantly mocks a new girl in school – Maya. Hannah makes absolutely horrible things to preserve and enhance her beauty: she is obsessed with the idea of being perfect. But the most important thing is that they all have one big secret that is associated with the time when their best friend Alison dissapeared. It can destroy the lives of each of them … This “E” is aware of literally everything connected with these girls, all their innermost secrets…



Of all the movies that exist about student’s life this one is a pioneer in its genre. National Lampoon is the name of the revolutionary American humor magazine, that was on the rise in the 70’s. Back then its mention was a guarantee of success. It is not surprising that a movie about two rival fraternities hit the box-office despite its small budget. John Landis filmed this movie, thereby took his step in the history of comedy forever.

One of the producers was the Ivan Reitman, and one of the scriptwriters – National Lampoon writer Chris Miller, who drew inspiration from his own adventures. The movie invented, in fact, the whole film structure where people party to the death as well as the cliché of the provoking humor. To put it simply, this is a dream of most students that came true, the dream about vdiverse life in college, which, incidentally, does not spoil person’s future.



A naive, but inspiring story about the power of progressive views. Young teacher Anne Watson works in the American College of Art Wellesley, but it turns out that conservative local orders are contrary to her idealism. She is forced to indulge in the patriarchal idea that marriage is more important than education rather than inspire her students to do great things. Despite her outstanding talents, students are of the same conservative opinion, but 50s are not eternal! Thanks to the efforts of Miss Watson, one by one, students begin to get the idea that women have no less talents than men, and certainly have the right to be independent and to follow their dreams. “Mona Lisa Smile” is a feminist Christmas tale, which brought together Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles and Maggie Gyllenhaal.



Another film about the power of female friendship, multiplied by study and faith in yourself. “Pitch Perfect” so successfully maneuvers among the pitfalls of the genre, and it has got an army of fans, and even a sequel. The plot sounds like the plot for fans of the show “The Voice”, but the audience of this film is much broader. The group of students organizes a cappella group to compete with other colleges. Girls sing in a nice and clean manner, but the main thing is not this. The main heroine, played by Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and excellent jokes. Much of the success of the film is due to the handiwork of the director Elizabeth Banks.

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