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“Game of Thrones” is a worldwide sensation. No other show draws ratings, gasps and awe like “Game of Thrones” does. Only problem is you’ve already seen all the episodes and season seven isn’t slated until a likely spring 2017 release. So how can you, as a hardcore fan, go beyond the show?


This doesn’t mean you should read up on the forums, the BuzzFeed articles and top-ten “Game of Thrones” listicles. No, this means actually picking up a book because that’s how this whole show got started. If you’re a true fan of “Game of Thrones,” you won’t let thousands of pages about your favorite characters sit and collect dust. You want all the details that make the show more immersive. You can read all the fan theories you want, but nothing will give you more hints of what is to come than the hidden clues in the books.

While some have a difficult time with fantasy novels, “Game of Thrones” is not a typical fantasy. The prose is written in a careful hand, and despite the length of each book, the writing is meticulously picked over and honed. No matter your typical book preference, you won’t be able (or want) to put these books down.

Social Media

“Game of Thrones” engrosses so many people, it regularly trends on social media. Use Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to connect with other hardcore fans. You can go beyond the show as part of the online community, live tweet previous episodes with your thoughts, theories or some good jokes. Other “Game of Thrones” fans will likely enjoy your commentary and play along. In fact, AdWeek found that during the weekend of the “Game of Thrones” season six premiere, there were more than 829,000 tweets about the show and HBO.

With all these fans, it’s no surprise that there are a couple “Game of Thrones” podcasts. Listen to debates on theories and discussion over characters and battles with podcasts like “Boars, Gore, and Swords,” “Game of Owns” and “A Cast of Kings.”

Interactive Features

If any service can take you behind the show and give you a more immersive experience, it’s the service that brought you “Game of Thrones” in the first place — HBO. HBO Go has an interactive “Game of Thrones” feature, exclusively for iOS. It works great on the iPhone 6s Plus, as it has a larger screen and better resolution.

The interactive features give you behind-the-scenes footage, actor and director commentary, and an interactive map. As you watch each episode, alerts are triggered at certain scenes. Press the alert buttons and get the inside details on houses, the interactive map and more. You can also share your thoughts with friends on Facebook and Twitter directly from the HBO Go interface. However, the interactive features are only available on seasons one and two for mobile devices and seasons one, two and three for desktop. This may be a drawback, as the latest seasons and episodes are the ones you need answers to, but HBO Go will surely have more in depth features for all “Game of Thrones” seasons in the future.

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