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Spiderman is unquestionably one of the most popular, long-standing and iconic characters that Marvel Comics has ever created, and one whose adventures have been turned into hit films and television shows as well. Spiderman has enjoyed a long and fascinating superhero career and his status is the reason why he is one of the characters featured in the Marvel online slots at Ladbrokes. This article will profile Spiderman in depth, exploring how he reached that level.

Life before gaining his powers

As most people will now be aware, thanks to the blockbuster Hollywood franchise telling his origin story, Spiderman’s real-life identity is Peter Parker and his pre-superhero existence was that of a fairly scrawny, geeky high school kid. A combination of his quiet personality and a passion for studying ensured that he was a regular target for the ‘jock’ bullies at his school – and this was not the only painful part of his life. Parker was left an orphan at just six years old, after his mum and dad died in a plane crash, so he was raised by his Aunt and Uncle – called May and Ben. This combination of powerlessness and tragedy made him the quintessential pre-superhero character.

Becoming Spiderman

Peter Parker’s life changed forever on the day that he chose to attend an exhibition about how nuclear waste materials can safely be handled. General Techtronics Corporation sponsored this and during it an average spider got irradiated by the beam from a particle accelerator. It subsequently bit Peter on the hand before dying, and when walking home that evening Peter discovered his newfound power when he easily defeated a gang of hoods who had attacked him. This superhuman strength was just one of the powers he turned out to have though, as he also possesses superhuman agility, the ability to shoot ‘webs’ from his wrist and climb walls, enhanced ‘spider-sense’ for detecting danger and superhuman kinesthetics.

Allies and his relationships with them

Having become a superhero, Spiderman has forged alliances with a number of groups – including the famous Avengers, the ‘New Fantastic Four’, the Secret Defenders and the Outlaws, during his long career. He has consistently been denied full membership of the Avengers, as it was felt that he was disruptive, but he has fought with them on many occasions – notably in preventing a mass escape from the Project Pegasus facility for criminals. The first superhero team he tried to join after gaining his powers was the original Fantastic Four, but again this proved unsuccessful. Thus, despite temporary alliances, he remains a solo operator.

Major enemies

There is little question about who Spiderman’s greatest foe is – namely the Green Goblin. Norman Osborn is a deranged genius with the charisma necessary to rally supporters to his cause of evil, and he is also the man who murdered Peter Parker’s great love, Gwen Stacy (Insert 3 here). However, Spiderman has fought a host of super-villains throughout the years, such as Doctor Octopus – another mad genius scientist who created mind-operated mechanical arms that became permanently attached to his body after a radiation leak, and Sandman, who can change shapes and turn himself into sand.

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