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When a film has worn out its welcome in cinemas globally, movie studios proceed to transition the film’s availability from the cinema to the home theater. After hopefully racking up big box office numbers and turning a hefty profit on a sizable investment, distributing the film through Blu-ray and DVDs is a great way to maximize the profitability of the motion picture.

There will be moviegoers who enjoyed the film during its initial release, of whom would no doubt want to have a piece of the film in their homes. Those are the easy sells for film studios and distribution companies. However, there are going to be those that haven’t seen nor even heard of the movie — and that’s when the package design of the Blu-ray and DVD of the film will become crucial in reeling these people in.

Why is that? Simply put, people are visual creatures by nature. More often than not, people will understand an abstract concept if it’s explained through a visual medium — heck, it’s why people love watching movies. For such a visual art form, it makes a whole lot of sense why the package design for the film’s DVD and Blu-ray would be so important.

But why is package design so important?

Simply said, the package design will grab people’s attentions. Take those who haven’t heard nor seen the film: they walk into their favorite department store, find themselves at the entertainment section. What happens? Their eyes naturally fall upon the most visually appealing Blu-ray/DVD covers. This is the film’s last chance at attracting those who haven’t seen it. And how? You guessed it. Through its package design.

Potential buyers will be drawn to any product that is visually interesting. With the hundreds of Blu-ray/DVDs lined on the shelves, it’s important that the package design distinctly separates itself from the rest of the pack. It’s a huge part of the marketing of that film and it’s hugely important it sells… because you know, it will pad the bottom-line for the movie studios (shh!).

What makes a package design great?

Just like lifting the lid on the box of a fresh new pair of sneakers, the package must give cinephiles the same rush of excitement. From the moment they remove the plastic wrappings, it becomes a journey of discovery for the exhilarated movie fan. The contents of the package are even more important than the visual outer component of the design. Great package design includes special booklets and material that supplement the movie experience — arguably as important as the special features contained on the Blu-ray/DVD disc.

The standard of an outstanding package design is its accurate reflection of the creativity and individuality of the film. This helps it distinguish itself from the films of the same genre. Not only does the graphic design of the package matter, but the quality of its materials, its shape and form matter just as much. Although the designer must be wary that their design does not eliminate or reduce functionality — do not trade functionality for the sake of some outrageously cool-looking complex encasing. After all, people bought the DVD/Blu-ray to watch the film.

Let’s explore our favorite package designs.

package design

package design

Source: /Film

Wanted – Collector Set

• This is an eye-catcher. The hard plastic encasing slides in and out of the package and has a bullet at the center of it; it creates the illusion that a bullet has beed lodged into the middle of the collector set. Pretty accurate imagery reflecting the film’s story, right? The creativity doesn’t end there, even the graphic design on the CDs resemble the targets at shooting ranges. Brilliant! Don’t forget all the special goodies within the collector set, too.

package design

package design

Source: Collector’s Edition

Indiana Jones Quadrilogy – Limited Edition

• Indiana Jones was an instant classic the moment it was released in theaters back in 1981. You would think that there are just DVDs of the films littered in everybody’s home already, so how do you spruce it up to get Indy fans to pony up for another box set? You make it as beautiful as this package design, which is designed to look as if you could have Dr. Jones’ personal diary in your home. Equipped with commemorative photos and booklets, it’s no wonder people are drawn to its package design. The designers also made sure to give it that vintage feel as if making you the archeologist and the collector’s set your treasure.

package design

package design

Source: Skullface

Alien Quadrilogy – 25th Anniversary

• I mean, must we explain? Okay, fine. We will. The titular characters, Aliens, have become iconic creatures that have given fans nightmares. With their elongated cranium, it just made too much sense to stuff it with special edition CDs. The designers knocked it out of the park with the design, creating a bust of the Aliens’ head. The package design is so detailed, you would think you have an actual set prop in your home. Our favorite!

As you can see from our examples, package design can vary in shape, size, and form. What truly sets them apart is that their designs creatively reflect their respective films. Even if you weren’t a movie buff or a cinephile, they’re a pleasure to look at and would undoubtedly grab anybody’s attention anywhere they’re found.

Package design can make a huge difference in grabbing your interest and persuading you to make a purchase — its why studios and their designers should, and do, take this task seriously. It’s a powerful visual tool in marketing and can be the difference between a look-over and a purchase. Do you have any favorites?


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