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The Oscars are upon us. In just a few short weeks many across the country will watch with bated breath as the nominees’ names are read. While the Academy Awards are always fun to watch, the best part is, of course, all of the viewing parties. If this is your first time hosting the party of the year, you will want it to be an event everyone will talk about until next year. If you are unsure of where to start, use these simple tips to get your venue red-carpet ready.

Noteworthy Decor

When you are throwing a themed party, it can be easy to get carried away with cheesy decorations and party games. With an Oscars party, however, you want to keep it classy and chic, yet still stick to the theme. Decorate in traditional Oscars gold and black and don’t forget to have a red carpet. JS Online suggests finding simple red fabric at your local fabric store or even using a red plastic table cloth to save some money. Have your guests pose for photos or video as they arrive and then make an album or slideshow to send them later.

Dress to Impress

To some, the best part of watching the awards show, and especially the pre-show, is to see (and judge) what all of the stars are wearing. Let your guests get in on the fun by encouraging them to dress their best as well. As mentioned above, you can take photos of everyone dressed in their best outfits as they arrive, or have disposable cameras available for guests to have fun with throughout the night.

Hollywood Hors D’oeuvres

Any good party needs tasty food to accompany the fun. Stick to simple finger foods that everyone can snack on while watching the show. Anything messy or difficult to eat will either be left untouched or end up on someone’s nice dress. Lara Shriftman is a Hollywood party planner and noted some suggestions on She recommends planning for three salty and three sweet bite-sized snacks that are easily accessible to your guests. You can also have popcorn and drinks set up in the viewing area for you all to enjoy while watching the show.

Lights, Camera, Libations

Classy cocktails are essential at a top-notch Oscars party. Make sure you not only have enough for everyone, but also something everyone will like. A signature themed cocktail is a fun way to get your guests in the right mood, and the Huffington Post offers some recipes and suggestions including a raspberry vodka-based “red carpet” or the wine spritzer “best dressed” cocktail. While fruity drinks are fun, make sure to also include staples such as champagne and a selection of high-quality beer, such as Guinness’s new Nitro IPA. It isn’t too heavy and is just the right amount of hoppy, which will appeal to any beer lover.

And The Award Goes To…

During the pre-show, commercials and other breaks in the awards excitement, keep your guests in the Oscars spirit with additional entertainment. Plan fun activities and party games you can play to go along with the viewing. There are many themed games you can play that will enhance your viewing experience, such as Oscars Bingo or an Oscars betting pool, which you can print out online. Or you can put together some trivia cards as Harper’s Bazaar suggests. Have a few prizes on hand to give the winning guests.

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