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By Louise McLeod Tabouis.

Cynical Kevin on a blind date set up by a friend, shares his past dating woes. Apparently none of the women are up to his standard. Exotic night out? He fears he’s become the exotic attraction.

Then Claire turns up. Initially put off by her stereotypical response to his perfect skin, he is stunned as her friends unexpectedly turn up to the bar, revealing more and more of her intriguing life involving amongst other things, pink mist and Ukrainian military. Kevin looks both fascinated and horrified. Is this a setup? A joke? Finally they ask, “And what do you do?”. Ah…the revealing moment.

Writer, producer and in the role of Kevin, Christopher T. Wood appears in his second film after ‘Time to Kill’ (2014). Sam Auster directs this short, sharp and funny tale.

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