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Sleeping With Other People is from the writer and director of The Bachelorette and tries to be adventurous but in the end leaves you thinking sleeping with other people gets tiresome quickly.

Lainey (Alison Brie) loses her virginity to Jake (Jason Sudeikis) at college and then for the intervening years they sleep with other people only to realise that maybe the only person they want to sleep with is each other, or do they?

Writer and director Leslye Headland tries a fresh take on Nora Ephron’s iconic When Met Sally to make it current for 2015. There are lots of funny jokes and then some just downright lewd and crude jokes in order to keep the audience interested although, admittedly, the dirty dj scene is funny. However, rather than being bold and deciding to take a different stance on the age old question: can men and women ever just be friends? She plays it safe and had the film ended 20 minutes earlier it might have been interesting. Instead it just leaves you thinking this is a bunch of clichés and sterotypes done better in Headland’s previous film the Batchelorette and Sleeping With Other People doesn’t come close to stealing even a rumble let alone thunder of When Harry Met Sally.

Currently being shown at The Edinburgh Film Festival 2015. Running Time 95 mins.

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