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The cinematography is the best part about this thinly scripted film that just tries too hard to be atmospheric, moody and with an economic use of language that fails to engage.

Hinterland is the story of Lola and Harvey. Lola the free travelling spirit and Harvey the serious and more earnest of the two. They were childhood friends who grew up together in the country and may or may not have been romantically involved at some point. The film follows them on their road trip on a February weekend to Harvey’s mother’s cottage on the Cornish Coast and their nostalgic meander of their old haunts as they tap into emotions and feelings they didn’t realise were there.

The film is beautifully shot showcasing the impressive British countryside and coastal landscape. The cinematography had me wanting to jump into my car and retrace Lola and Harvey’s road trip but cinematography can only do so much. Whilst it is a given that the mark of a great script is to show and not tell the audience there still needs to be a central core of dialogue that engages the viewer and makes them care about the characters which Harry Macqueen’s debut feature lacks.

Hinterland is on general release on 27 February 2014.

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