Review: A Holiday And A Picnic

A Holiday and A Picnic lives up to its’ title as one that transports the viewer to modern day India providing both a delight for the eyes and ears.

A melodic, immersive, richly drawn film providing a realistic portrayal of successful Indian woman’s search for authentic love. This is the second feature film from Indian writer and director Shomshuklla bravely shattering preconceived ideas of Indian women as objects but as strong women in their own right with needs to be satisfied.


The story is an adaptation of the novella Shesher Kobita by the nobel award winner Rabindranath Tagores. What is a classic love story has been updated to show two modern day independent women: one a divorcee and one looking for love that stimulates all her senses and first and foremost intellectually. It touches on themes of freedom, independence, idealistic versus realistic love all set against a background of vivid Goan colours (the film was shot entirely on location in Goa) with classic love songs sung by the director herself.

Shomshuklla created a film with snappy dialogue that manages to keep A Holiday and A Picnic engaging right until the end. This film draws you in and like The Lunchbox is a breath of fresh air blowing away the old and giving a fresh, new look to Indian cinema. Women directors are showing women as three dimensional individuals rather than objects to be looked at and admired – long may this trend last.

A Holiday and A Picnic was shown at The Festival of World Cinema London 2015.

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