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Inspired by the likes of Fred & Rose West and 80’s Video Nasties sleaze, Terry and Brenda shows us an evening in the home of an odd couple and see just how odd it can get.

It’s an effective horror short with some very accomplished performances, especially from Debra Baker who comes across as a Broadmoor Mrs Merton. It does what a horror short of its length should; it gets in, makes an impact and gets out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up to greater scrutiny.

The problem that plagues it’s 15 minute run time is the shifts in tone. Some of the moments are comedic, some disturbing, some horrific, but they never feel like they blend. There’s far more focus on the shocking twists in the tale then how these twists come about, creating more a sense of detachment from each scene than fluid moments.

While the parts are very well achieved and it will definitely unsettle, the conflicting tones create a less cohesive whole.

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