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James Franco, in his latest directorial project, will be working on a movie based on the creation of Tommy Wiseau’s movie The Room. In addition to directing The Disaster Artist, based off the bestselling book of the same title by Greg Sestero, Franco will be starring as Tommy Wiseau. His brother, Dave Franco, will co-star as Greg Sestero.

Anyone who loves hating on terrible B-movies knows about The Room and its wonderful badness. Directed, written, produced, and starring Tommy Wiseau, the movie’s infamy has spread to insane proportions. The movie’s cringeworthiness has placed it at the top of many lists of so-bad-its-good movies. Tommy Wiseau produced the film with his own money, the source of which is fairly unknown – although he has made it this long without needing a tax fraud attorney. With unrealistic dialogue, continuity issues, and a general sense of confusion, you can only imagine what the process for creating the film must have been like.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing The Room, the basic plot revolves around Johnny, a successful banker who has an ideal life. He has a beautiful fiancée, Lisa, and a great best friend, Mark. However, Lisa cheats on Johnny with Mark and things become a little confusing after that. There are also a lot of random games of catch, as well as many attempted plot lines that quickly get ignored for the remainder of the film. When it comes to bad movies, The Room is a masterpiece.

James Franco, meanwhile, has received much acclaim for his work as both an actor and director. From his Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 127 Hours to his comedic works like Pineapple Express and This is the End, Franco is as diverse as they come. So what happens when one of the world’s worst movies and an acclaimed actor combine?

Greg Sestero, who played Mark in The Room, wrote his memoir The Disaster Artist to share with the whole world just what went into making one of the worst films ever made. James Franco’s production company, Rabbit Bandini Productions, and Seth Rogen’s Point Grey Productions, will be co-producing an adaptation of Sestero’s novel. Though filming won’t start for another year, there has already been plenty of prep work done for the film.

The movie will most likely follow the storyline in the memoir, allowing fans of The Room to get another look at the “genius” behind the film. The chapters alternate between filming The Room and the budding friendship between Tommy and Sestero, and will detail the many trials faced during the filming of The Room. These include Tommy’s inability to remember the lines that he wrote, the crew attempting to explain the continuity errors in the script to Tommy, and the aforementioned director throwing water bottles at some of the many actresses who were cast as Lisa. Believe me when I say that’s barely skimming the surface.

James Franco is definitely an interesting choice for Tommy Wiseau – there isn’t much resemblance between the two of them – but when Franco sinks his teeth into something, it’s usually a good sign.

One last surprise: Wiseau is involved in the production of The Disaster Artist. Apparently, he lives up to his reputation, as James Franco says that working with him is “everything you’d expect.” If you’ve read the book, you can understand why he’s reluctant to let Wiseau get too involved in the project. If you haven’t, just wait until you see the movie. All will be clear then.

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