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Once you have seen a Vince Vaughn comedy, really you have seen them all. The main theme might be different, but the structure is normally always the same; a loveable rogue is just getting by, he gets into sticky situations but it all turns out alright in the end. That should be a negative, but actually that’s what adds to the charm of these films. The pattern is reassuring and the final moral message leaves the audience warm and fuzzy inside. Delivery Man fits this stereotype perfectly, it is stupid fun that doesn’t break comedic ground, but will always be a crowd pleaser.

Based on a true story, David Wozniak (Vaughn) is surprised to find that he has 533 children due to his 600+ sperm donations he made during his college years to pay for a family holiday. His sperm was so successful it was given to every client, and now a huge amount of the children are trying to uncover the identity of their father ‘Starbuck’. The children begin a lawsuit to claim that the anonymity clause should be broken and that his identity should be revealed. David gets curious and dips anonymously into the lives of his children, and the deals with the moral choice he has to make.

I won’t ruin any more of what little surprise factor there is, just in case you are a Vaughn fan and are set on watching this film. Despite the predictably of the film, no one can detract the star quality of Vince Vaughn. In a film with little to support him, he does carry the film well with his loveable charm. As for the rest of the cast; Britt Robertson doesn’t do a bad job as Kristen,  and Sébastien Reneé steals the show as David’s disabled child. Cobie Smulders also plays David’s long suffering pregnant girlfriend, and confirms that her stony unemotional performance in Avengers Assemble can be recreated almost exactly in other films too. 

If you’re having a quiet night in and there’s nothing on tv, stick this on and you’ll have a giggle, but I wouldn’t go out of your way to watch this. Not only are there are better films,  but there are better Vince Vaughn films.

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