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Pablo is the wonderful and inspiring story of Pablo Ferro, influential film title producer, trailer and commercial maker, cartoonist and ultimately artist.

Created by director Richard Goldgewicht, the film tells the life story of one of the only title makers to be renowned for the opening credits of a film. Cut between Ferro style animations, the story cleverly interweaves interviews from a variety of actors such as George Segal and Anjelica Huston, family members including daughter and agent Joy Moore and the artist himself Pablo.

“This is,” is the beginning for many sentences voiced by the charismatic narrator for the film, Jeff Bridges, noting important instances such as, “This is Ferro discovering cinema,” and, “This is Ferro falling in love.”  His poetic and warming narration is backed up by the niche animation and idiosyncratic story telling.

Starting out in Cuba, Ferro moved to New York and as a twelve year old boy found himself working in a cinema and being inspired by the greats. After producing a variety of TV commercials, Ferro was invited by Stanley Kubrick to produced the innovative title and trailer for prolific Dr. Strangelove. The story outlines, not only the way in which Ferro invented certain styles such as the fast pace, quick cut images, putting graphic into live action, but also the conflicts of his life from failed marriages, drug use and even a gun shot to the head. The tale of his life is nothing short of awe-inspiring and this documentary pulls all of the necessary information together to present his originality.

While the movie unfolds it’s obvious that Ferro’s talents go beyond what he is recognised for. Being the generator of many styles, he has worked on a plethora of great openings such as The Russians Are Coming, A Clockwork Orange and a collection of films by his co-worker and best pal Hal Ashby, of which their friendship is presented throughout the film.

Over all, Pablo is a well-constructed collection of information that cleverly presents the viewer with an experience matched with Ferro’s creativity. A warm and honest look into the life of a true artist.

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