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The first thing you need to know about me is that I am a massive wimp and supernatural stuff freaks me the hell out. I can deal with horror in the sense that blood and guts don’t bother me, but when it comes to jumpy things, or stuff I can’t explain I am really not very comfortable. I could tell just by the name of this film that it wasn’t going to be in my comfort zone and maybe that’s what started off my bad mood. However I’m not one to judge before I’ve experienced, so experience I did.

The second thing you need to know about me is that I always give credit where credit is due and I know it must be really tough to create a decent film on a budget. I really really wanted to be able to give this film two thumbs up, but I can only stick two fingers up at it really.

So, the premise is that a group of Irish teenagers go missing on a night out and there are posters all around the city appealing for information on their wherabouts. A man goes into a pawn shop and is deperate to sell whatever he can, for the most he can. Unfortunately the owner doesn’t want to pay out so offers him a reduced price and a video camera that has just come into his posession. I’m assuming that at this point it is meant to get interesting, but don’t get your hopes up it doesn’t.

On the video camera is…..wait for it…….evidence of what happened to the missing teenagers in an abandoned warehouse/apartment block which is conveniently underground and therefore creepy! Now starts the 1h15 minute Blair Witch style filming. Now when I read up on the reviews for this after I had watched the film, many people had mentioned that it had made them actually vomit, I’m not sure if this is because they found it scary (which they really shouldn’t have) or the fact that the way it was filmed, because it actually made me feel quite nauseous.

This film has all the bits you expect from a horror/supernatural thriller. It has the ridiculous nudity that isn’t at all necessary, the bitch who you want to get killed first and a villain (or several in this case) to really get things going. The twist in this film is that the villains aren’t actually the main point of the film. You only get to see that/it a couple of times and when you do see it, you feel mightily disappointed. If you’re going to go with the whole zombie/supernatural demon, at least make it spectacular! I’m talking guts flying everywhere, limbs scattered and blood, shit and vomit everywhere else. Alas, a zombie/demon thing that makes an appearance a couple of times and makes a half hearted attempt at a vampire bite is not going to tickle my pickle.

The running time of 90 minutes feels a lot longer as 75 minutes of those is a nausea inducing filming technique and lots of simpering teenagers running away from villains/zombies. The poor guy who got given the camera only has 15 minutes to retrace their footsteps and try to save anyone if they haven’t had the life sucked out of them by some poor Edward Cullen Zombie Demon.

And so ends another attempt at a thriller/horror film. I’m sure they went in with the best of intentions and all the essential factors were there, it just lacked originality and depth. The best thing about the film was the end and I’m sure that’s because I am a twisted individual, but I challenge you not to sit through 90 minutes of this tosh and not laugh at the end scene. Trust me, you will!!

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