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It’s rare we come across female directors, especially in the horror genre, the Soska Sisters are a perfect edition, identical twins who have not only written and directed American Mary they also make a super creepy cameo appearance.

Are sisters really doing it for themselves?

Mary Mason (Katherine Isabelle) as a struggling medical student who delves into the underground world of surgery and body modification at the promise of easy money, will she be able to come back once she has set foot in the darkness?

After handing in her resume that documents her many skills including her study as a surgeon into a seedy strip club Billy enlists her help with an illegal surgery in the return for money Mary who has become increasingly broke reluctantly agrees. Later at home she receives persistent calls from Beatress Johnson who also works at the club. Beatress striking more than a passing resemblance to Betty Boop later turns up at Mary’s door asking for help with a unconventional surgery for a friend who wants to be created into a real life living doll something she has dedicated her life to becoming, in her mind people don’t sexualise dolls the way they do humans. On the brink of losing everything Mary once again reluctantly shows up this time at a veterinary clinic of all places after hours and creates the unthinkable.

Mary now struggling in class and home life is Invited to a party with fellow students and professors and is forced into a situation she cannot escape from as is raped and choked by Professor Grant someone in a position of trust, forcing her to leave the course she turns her skills to the art of torture inflicting pain and suffering on those who have wronged her Professor Grant included, from the pain and suffering she inflicts she documents each procedure with a camera adding it to her photo album of procedures soon to be available to a very unique list of clientele.

Mary should have realised someone would notice the professors disappearance as a policeman who is looking into the disappearance comes several times asking Mary unwanted questions telling her Dr Walsh is also missing, he informs her both men held sex parties and the girls were drugged and abused, is he getting close to the truth?

The final act shows Beatress making an emotional call to Mary as she lays dying, stabbed repeatedly. Ruby’s husband wanted to know who you were and where you lived, he forced me to tell him and now he is coming for you, Mary doesn’t even have time to react as the blood bath begins, she is found lying in a pool of blood, the police find the book documenting the body modification and includes everything even the torture inflicted on Professor Grant.

Mary the all American girl corrupted and broken by the world she was trying to be apart of, instead of saving lives she lost hers. A brilliantly dark soundtrack mirrors the tone of the film throughout.

A film that cuts deep on more than one level, a very Bloody Mary indeed.

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