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As my readers know, I rarely to never post anything serious, but here’s some serious for you, some deadly serious… Because I’m pissed off…

To all those on the Kony 2012 bandwagon out there… I realize that the general idea of the message is good. I get that. That whole situation over there is terrible. But so is Kony 2012 itself.

The fad-video-event thing that everyone is talking about is heavily biased and not based entirely on factual, relevant information. The plight, various plights, but this one specifically has been going on in Africa since the late 60’s. It is not a modern product and Joseph Kony is one of many dozens of men that have come and gone since that time and will continue doing so unless Ugandan policy is changed, by THEIR people (who are, for the most part never going to see this video/thing because they are an impoverished, third world country.) And or the US Foreign policy designated toward helping the situation (which takes votes to achieve, not mouse clicks.) Also…

1. Half the footage they show in the video is nearly 10 years old, the situation in Uganda at present is actually a lot more stable now than what is shown. Perfect? No. Not close. But marginally better? Yes. 2. Joseph Kony isn’t in Uganda anymore at this point. He was run out by Ugandan military forces some time ago. Is he still in power and despicable? Yes. But his numbers have dwindled significantly in the past 7 years making him more of a tyrannical, deplorable nuisance than Satan incarnate. 3. Supporting a cause is NOT talking about or sharing or “liking” or whatevering a video and saying you’re going to attend some online, fake, event. Yes, it spreads awareness, but otherwise it does nothing. Because when informed people look into the matter they see the flaws inherent it; in this case Kony 2012 (and the publicly known-to-be shady/shaky) Invisible Children Organization and don’t actually support/donate to the cause that you’re raving about.

It’s like the internet’s support of Ron Paul. He may or may not be the better man for the job and all that, but in fact based, real world numbers, a SMALL fraction of the people who tout him online so fervently go out and vote for him or anyone for that matter.

I’m in no way Mr. Holier-than-thou. I do a little volunteer work here and there. I help friends and people who are less fortunate when I can because my life is pretty decent and I have the ability to do so (and I don’t report the good deeds I do on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, etc. to make me look better. I do it because it needs to be done.) But, I can say that when I support a cause or idea I know for sure before support it that it is the right thing to support. And, I make damned sure I know what I’m talking about when I talk about serious subject matter.

In the case of Kony 2012 even a cursory reading (actual reading by the way, not skimming for what you want to see) of Wikipedia would fill you in a little. Some actual research and awareness would do you a mile more than that.

Maudlin sentimentality is not truth, it is the mechanisms of emotional puppetry designed to pull at your heart strings.

Quit. Being. Sheep.

You want to support a cause? Vote, send letters and pleas to people who can make change in policy both here and abroad.

KNOWLEDGE is power, not Youtube hits.

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