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The American film industry spends too much money on crap and this film is a prime example of how wrong they can get it.

Normally I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to films. If it’s funny, I’m happy. If it makes me question my outlook on life, I’m happy that a film has had that effect on me. If it’s got a good storyline that keeps me on tenterhooks, I’m happy. If it has Tom Hardy in, I’m especially happy. Unfortunately, this film had none of these qualities and I was certainly not happy.

Directed by Mark Atkins (Battle Of Los Angeles) this film is well and truly awful. The acting is stilted, rigid and uncovincing, featuring an all star cast which includes no-one I have ever heard of. The CGI is low budget and unsubtle about it. The storyline is laughable (not in a good way) and the film is confused. I think the director was aiming for a parody but instead managed to create a film with cringeworthy ’emotional’ scenes, cliché monologues and badly acted thoughtful stares into the distance.

If you’re sitting there with a spare 91 minutes free, let me recommend something. Stay away from this film.

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