Francois Cluzet in SCRIBE

This French thriller from first-time director Thomas Kruithof is a

Sophie Turner

No character in Game of Thrones has been through more


Another guest FiLMiX for you!This time from Bonus Points, a College kid who makes music on the side.  He started making music in January of

Iqbal Ahmed, the director of The Answer, out on VOD next month from High Octane Pictures, tells us whether or not technology is a

The first “must see” (Film Threat) independent movie of the year, The Drama Club arrives on VOD this June from Leomark Studios.“Bringing to mind

Created by award-winning writer Steven Knight in collaboration with Tom and Chips Hardy, the new BBC/FX series, Taboo, presents a combustible saga of treachery,

In Taboo, Michael Kelly stars as Dr. Dumbarton - an American physician with a not-so-innocent sideline in espionage. Created by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders)

What a treat! Yet another special guest FiLMiX for you, from Funkmammoth, a DJ/Producer from small town Nebraska and student at Iowa State University.  Digging through

I just got home after the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse screening of Lost in London and a Q&A session afterwards with Woody Harrelson himself and