Michelle Williams has come a long way since her portrayal of the young and impressionable Jen Lindley on Dawson’s Creek. The teen drama would

By Michael Blyth. In 2010 the BFI published their Most Wanted list, a tantalising countdown of 75 British films classified as ‘missing, believed lost’. Of

Most celebrities are just like every other individual who loves to gamble using video slot machines in the UK and in other parts of

By Steve Palace. Doctor Who has been away for aeons. Only two Christmas stocking fillers have aired over the past couple of years. But now

By Jess Devonport. Logan provides a grown-up and fitting end to Wolverine’s story, seeing the last of the X-Men at his most human, succumbing to

Despite last year’s exploit into the most successful, epic space opera film franchise of all time, Adam Driver remains without doubt the poster boy

Movie stunts are a main source of on-set movie magic that always leave the audience in awe. It's no secret that stunt performers need

Ephialtes is the real name of the Greek citizen that betrayed the Spartans and revealed the secret path that led to the Thermopylae; however,

To celebrate the home entertainment release of the compelling drama FORTITUDE: THE COMPLETE SEASON 2 and FORTITUDE: THE COMPLETE SEASONS 1 & 2, which

Over the past decade, video gaming has been undergoing a lot of identity crisis. There are parents that think all gamers must suffer from

By Ben Challoner and Daryl Bär. Ben Challoner: The essential premise of Star Wars Identities is to immerse yourself in the cultures and the different

Chicago Justice is the latest addition to the Dick Wolf television empire. If you were at all concerned; Chicago has all your health, fire,