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Thanks to the acceptance of my short film to EEFF

Harry Potter photo

By Olivia Ryan.Even though Rowling's' books about Harry Potter are


By Jess Devonport. For years, Joss Whedon’s uncommissioned Wonder Woman script was a parable of the internet, proof that Hollywood was trying marginalise female superheroes.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was singing Marvel Studios’ praises and although I’m not about to turn heel, I will say that

Many film-makers have used this theme in order to propel their hero’s into a life-defining journey. Ultimately transforming their character from a position where

Few things stir an audience as much as a rousing battle sequence, something evidenced in the gloriously enjoyable The Great Wall, coming to Digital,

Norman Oppenheimer (Richard Gere) is a ‘Fixer’ character, stuck on the margins of New York trying to gain entry into its inner workings through

Jane Doe is the name given to a body of a deceased person who can’t be identified. In the brilliant chiller The Autopsy of

Films have been focused on martial arts for a long time, and who can blame them? With talented men and women who are able