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By George Chrysostomou. As we enter the wild time of year known


No matter what kind of service you’re talking about, there is always a sense of exclusivity when some features are only available for the

Neil Gaiman’s incomparable novel, ‘American Gods’, tells the story of Shadow Moon, a small-time thief newly released from prison and recast as a grieving

Christopher Nolan doesn't deserve his fan base. That's not because he isn't great - it's because there isn't a film director in the world that

Thirty years, you say? Inconceivable! Yes, we do know what that word means. And it truly is astonishing that the evergreen romantic comedy The

Looking at the current crop of movies coming from both sides of the Atlantic it’s clear that old age isn’t what it used to

By George Chrysostomou. Hollywood loves adaptations. Working from much loved a respected source material is sure to bring in a legion of pre-existing fans and

By George Chrysostomou.Kevin Hart, Russell Brand, Sacha Baron Cohen, Amy Schumar, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell. Countless comedians have made the transition from their stand