Amazon Confirm Lord Of The Rings TV Series


By Venetia Faye.

It was recently announced that Amazon plan to bring the revolutionary Lord Of The Rings franchise to the small screen. As well as a multi-series commitment and possible spin-off. 

This will be Amazon Studio’s newest series in this particular genre. With this being the most expensive TV show ever, expectations are extremely high. A total of 1 billion dollars is being spent on this show. Causing many to call this series “Amazons answer” to HBO’s Game Of Thrones

Following the success of the Lord Of The Rings films, it is highly unlikely that the TV series will remake the storylines seen in previous works. According to TV Line,  the series will “explore new storylines preceding the fellowship of the ring”.

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Amazon Studios

Since launching in 2011, Amazon Studios has released various scripted series’ including ‘The Man In The High Castle’ and ‘Bosc”. The studio spent billions on content last year. But are yet to reach their rivals Netflix and HBO in terms of viewership and accolades. But by committing to projects like this, may increase their chances of contending.  Amazon’s head of scripted series Sharon Tal Yguado, expressed her excitement towards the project. Stating that the company is “honoured to be working with Tolkien Estate and Trust, Harper Collins and New Line on this exciting collaboration”. Even giving fans insight into the “epic journey in Middle Earth”  which we will see when the series arrives.

Let us know what would you like to see in Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings series?

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